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Cosmos LED pendant light


COSMOS, a pendant collection composed of lacquered thermoplastic discs inspired by satellites orbiting the moon. With the incorporation of energy efficient LED technology, completely integrated in the interior of each piece, there is a perfect symbiosis between design and light source.



Cosmos LED pendant light

The Cosmos lights collection is a Lievore, Altherr, Molina design. The Cosmos collection consists of pendant light clusters in various sizes of flattened orbs to create an optical illusion of spheres floating in mid-air. we manufactures the Cosmos lamps in several finishes: matte black, matte green, light gray and matte white. The use of LED makes the light source imperceptible, totally integrated within each of the elements.

Item NO.: PL5867


  • Model A Mini:Dia 16cm /∅3″
  • Model A Small:Dia 20 cm /∅9″
  • Model A Medium:Dia 30 cm /∅8″
  • Model A Large:Dia 48 cm /∅9″
  • Model B Medium:Dia 30 cm /∅8″
  • Model B Large:Dia 48 cm /∅9″
  • Model C Mini:Dia 16 cm /∅3″
  • Model C Small:Dia 22 cm /∅7″
  • Model C Medium:Dia 27 cm /∅6″
  • Finish: Matte Black,Matte Green,Matte White,Light Gray
  • CCT: Cool White 6000k, Warm White 3000K
  • Material: Metal/Resin
  • Lamp Source : LED
  • Power:5W Max
  • Lighting Area: 5-30 Squre meters
  • Process: Painting/Moulding
  • We can provide OEM service and welcome your customized product order and self -designed drawings.
  • Made in China
  • This Cosmos LED pendant lamp can use to:
  • USA  110volt. This light is  certified
  • EU / UK  220~240volt. This light is  certified
  • AU / NZ 220~240volt  certified

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Model A Mini:Dia 16cm /∅ 6.3″, Model A Small:Dia 20 cm /∅ 7.9″, Model A Medium:Dia 30 cm /∅ 11.8″, Model A Large:Dia 48 cm /∅ 18.9″, Model B Medium:Dia 30 cm /∅ 11.8″, Model B Large:Dia 48 cm /∅ 18.9″, Model C Mini:Dia 16 cm /∅ 6.3″, Model C Small:Dia 22 cm /∅ 8.7″, Model C Medium:Dia 27 cm /∅ 10.6″


Matte Black, Matte Green, Matte White, Light Gray


Cool White 6000k, Warm White 3000K


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