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Raimond LED Pendant

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The driver is hidden in the canopy. It is the switch power supply working at 90-240V input, DC5V output. Chrome steel canopy.



Raimond LED  Pendant is the perfect field of mathematical components dotted with tiny LED lights. It has been specially refined to emit warm white light in all directions, and watching the light is like gazing at the soft light of the starry night.

Raimond LED Pendant Feature

Wherever you suspend this Raimond LED Pendant in your space, it is just like a sparkle ball to light at night. It will bring you into a new glory life and give you different feeling. Even if you hang it in your kitchen, it is not a bad idea.


  • Dimension:
  • SizeA: Dia 20cm x H 20cm/ ∅ 7.9″ x H 7.9″
  • SizeB: Dia 25cm x H 25cm/ ∅ 9.8″ x H 9.8″
  • SizeC: Dia 30cm x H 30cm/ ∅ 11.8″ x H 11.8″
  • SizeD: Dia 40cm x H 40cm/ ∅ 15.7″ x H 15.7″
  • SizeE: Dia 50cm x H 50cm/ ∅ 19.7″ x H 19.7″
  • SizeF: Dia 60cm x H 60cm/ ∅ 23.7″ x H 23.7″
  • SizeG: Dia 80cm x H 80cm/ ∅ 31.5″ x H 31.5″
  • SizeH: Dia 100cm x H 100cm/ ∅ 39.4″ x H 39.4″
  • SizeI: Dia 120cm x H 120cm/ ∅ 47.3″ x H 47.3″
  • SizeL: Dia 150cm x H 150cm/ ∅ 59″ x H 59″
  • Material: Metal + Stainless Steel
  • Light source: SMD LED / 6000K Cool White/3000K Warm White (included)
  • Power:Different dimension has different power
  • Finishes: chrome
  • Process: Manual/plating
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150cm / 59″ wires with switch plugs. Can be extended upon request
  • Made in China
  • This Raimond LED Pendant can use to:
  • USA 110vCompatible 110volt. This light is  certified
  • EU EUcompatible/ UK UKcompatible 220~240volt. This light is  certified
  • AU AustralianCompatible/ NZNewZealandCompatible 220~240volt  certified

Additional information

Weight N/A

SizeA: Dia 20cm x H 20cm/ ∅ 7.9″ x H 7.9″, SizeB: Dia 25cm x H 25cm/ ∅ 9.8″ x H 9.8″, SizeC: Dia 30cm x H 30cm/ ∅ 11.8″ x H 11.8″, SizeD: Dia 40cm x H 40cm/ ∅ 15.7″ x H 15.7″, SizeE: Dia 50cm x H 50cm/ ∅ 19.7″ x H 19.7″, SizeF: Dia 60cm x H 60cm/ ∅ 23.7″ x H 23.7″, SizeG: Dia 80cm x H 80cm/ ∅ 31.5″ x H 31.5″, SizeH: Dia 100cm x H 100cm/ ∅ 39.4″ x H 39.4″, SizeI: Dia 120cm x H 120cm/ ∅ 47.3″ x H 47.3″, SizeL: Dia 150cm x H 150cm/ ∅ 59″ x H 59″


6000K Cool White, 3000K Warm White

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