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Rhythm Pendant Light

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These lights revolve around a central axis, which can move freely.they can transform the light into a linear or wavy shape.



Rhythm Pendant Light is like a love letter from northern Europe. Nordic style is famous for its simplicity, strong postmodernism features, smooth line design, returning to nature, plus modern, practical and exquisite art design style, just like a love letter from northern Europe.


  • Horizontal Rhythm parameter:
  • Stick 47cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 45cm x W47cm/ L 17.7″ x W 18.5″
  • 20heads size: Dia 93cm x W47cm/ L 36.6″ x W 18.5″
  • 30heads size: Dia 141cm x W47cm/ L 55.5″ x W 18.5″
  • 40heads size: Dia 189cm x W47cm/ L 74.4″ x W 18.5″
  • Stick 87cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 63cm x W 87cm/ L 24.8″ x W 34.3″
  • 20heads size: Dia 131cm x W 87cm/ L 51.6″ x W 34.3″
  • 30heads size: Dia 199cm x W 87cm/ L 78.4″ x W 34.3″
  • Stick 47/87cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 45cm x W 87cm/ L 17.7″ x W 34.3″
  • 20heads size: Dia 93cm x W 87cm/ L 36.6″ x W 34.3″
  • 30heads size: Dia 141cm x W 87cm/ L 55.5″ x W 34.3″
  • 40heads size: Dia 199cm x W 87cm/ L 78.4″ x W 34.3″
  • Vertical Rhythm parameter:
  • Stick 47cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 47cm x H52.5cm/ L 18.5″ x W 20.7″
  • 20heads size: Dia 47cm x H108cm/ L 18.5″ x W 42.5″
  • 30heads size: Dia 47cm x H163.5cm/ L 18.5″ x W 64.4″
  • 40heads size: Dia 47cm x H219cm/ L 18.5″ x W 86.2″
  • Stick 87cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 87cm x H 52.5cm/ L 34.3″ x W 20.7″
  • 20heads size: Dia 87cm x H 108cm/ L 34.3″ x W 42.5″
  • 30heads size: Dia 87cm x H 163.5cm/ L 34.3″ x W 64.4″
  • Stick 47/87cm
  • 10heads size: Dia 87cm x H 52.5cm/ L 34.3″ x W 20.7″
  • 20heads size: Dia 87cm x H 108cm/ L 34.3″ x W 42.5″
  • 30heads size: Dia 87cm x H 163.5cm/ L 34.3″ x W 64.4″
  • Material:Metal, Acrylic, Aluminum alloy, Steel, PMMA
  • Finishes: Matt black,Matts white(Matts white version is out of stock and can be customized. Message us if necessary)
  • Lamp Source : SMD LED
  • Lighting Area: 5-25 Squre meters
  • CCT:  3000K Warm White / 6000K Cool White
  • Process: Manual/painting/Polish
  • Control method: Knob switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 200cm/78.7″ wires . Can be extended upon request
  • Made in China
  • This Rhythm Pendant Lightcan use to:
  • USA  110volt. This light is  certified
  • EU / UK  220~240volt. This light is  certified
  • AU / NZ 220~240volt  certified

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Horizontal Rhythm parameter, Vertical Rhythm parameter


Stick 47cm/10heads size: Dia 45cm x W47cm/ L 17.7″ x W 18.5″, Stick 47cm/20heads size: Dia 93cm x W47cm/ L 36.6″ x W 18.5″, Stick 47cm/30heads size: Dia 141cm x W47cm/ L 55.5″ x W 18.5″, Stick 47cm/40heads size: Dia 189cm x W47cm/ L 74.4″ x W 18.5″, Stick 87cm/10heads size: Dia 63cm x W 87cm/ L 24.8″ x W 34.3″, Stick 87cm/20heads size: Dia 131cm x W 87cm/ L 51.6″ x W 34.3″, Stick 87cm/40heads size: Dia 199cm x W 87cm/ L 78.4″ x W 34.3″, Stick 47/87cm/10heads size: Dia 45cm x W 87cm/ L 17.7″ x W 34.3″, Stick 47/87cm/20heads size: Dia 93cm x W 87cm/ L 36.6″ x W 34.3″, Stick 47/87cm/30heads size: Dia 141cm x W 87cm/ L 55.5″ x W 34.3″, Stick 47/87cm/40heads size: Dia 199cm x W 87cm/ L 78.4″ x W 34.3″

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  1. Dario

    Excellent product and the package was really well protected unlike other distributor They are BEST of!

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